How we differ


Boost your development capacity with quality talent

Quickly hire senior developers with advanced degrees and solid experience in your domain. Our dedicated development team for hire doesn’t just receive tasks and write code; they think in terms of value, solutions, and solving real problems.


Get access to a large tech talent pool

India is one of the largest tech talent pools in the world with 800K+ engineers and ranks 8th among top IT service exporters, according to PwC. According to Gartner, it is also in the top 10 emerging market locations for offshore services.


Reduce time spent on recruitment

The average time-to-hire for a software developer is 1.5 months. We can provide you with our staff, who will be ready to start work within one week. We also take care of recruitment and handpick developers according to your requirements.


Reduce Expenses

Outsourcing to us saves you from paying for offices, workspaces, equipment, coffee, etc. Also, the hourly rates of developers in Ukraine are significantly lower than those in the US and Europe.


Be flexible with a team size

You can scale up and down your team size with a notice period of 1 month without worrying about the hiring process. Moreover, you can request part-time employees to do a specific task in technology outside your tech stack.


Get dedicated full-time engineers

The engineers provided to you work full-time solely on your projects. They are dedicated to your product and are interested in success. They become a true part of your team.


9/10 client satisfaction score

Our clients highlight our ability to build great personal relationships with them, except for the excellent code quality.


92% of the company – senior and middle engineers

We invest in attracting the best talent from the market. We hire only strong middle and senior engineers and no juniors.


20% employee turnover rate

We are interested in long-term relationships. Our employees stay with our clients and us for years.

The dedicated development team model is best suited for

Companies that need to extend expertise

Get specialists of any knowledge and seniority in a short period.

Businesses with tight deadlines

Fit in tight schedule by swiftly boosting your capacity with remote experts.

Startups that need to scale fast

Spend no time on local hires by leveraging an offshore managed team of any size.


Dedicated software development team set-up process

Step One

Gathering requirements

We start by hearing out your needs, which include a project description, job descriptions, team size, and desired workflow to assemble the right specialists for your project.

Step Two

Assembling the team

If we have unoccupied specialists in-house, you can start work immediately. If we don’t have the desired talent, we do additional hires that can take around 1 month. Or if you need experts fast, we have access to a talent pool of our partners that allows us to provide any remote dedicated development team in India in under a week.

Step Three

Talent selection

Our HR team assesses candidates to learn their background, tech skills, English level, and soft skills and then selects a best-fit candidate for a final interview with you.

Step four

Integrating the team

Based on years of practice, we smoothly and painlessly integrate our team into your ongoing project. You can choose the preferred management approach and tools. It is recommended that you meet with a team in-person by getting them to your office or by taking a trip to us.

Step Five

The Result

Hiring a dedicated software development team in India provides you with needed specialists under your complete control, just as with your in-house team. The only difference is the team works remotely and we handle all the administration.


To find a dedicated team that will help you carry out your tech project (or at least its tech part), go through:
  • Freelance platforms like Upwork
  • B2B portals like Clutch
  • GitHub or StackOverflow
  • Outstaff vendors like EaseWebs

Usually, these are countries from Asia, Eastern Europe, Central, and South America. Our on-demand dedicated engineering teams are located in Asia, India.
Why in India
India can be fairly considered Asia's best outsourcing destination. India is a developing economy, which makes hiring local professionals cost-efficient for most western businesses. Additionally, this country is a home to nearly 800,000 specialists in the IT field, which makes it a perfect place to outsource software development tasks to. Powerful software development hubs around the country house thousands of highly professional specialists in various fields, so that there is no problem finding experts of software development in India.

The time & material model means that you’re paying for the result of your cooperation with the vendor’s team. No coffee-drinking, social-media-scrolling time included. It’s your way to go if:
  • you have a small project
  • all you have is a concept or idea
  • you’re planning to build an MVP
  • you don’t know the target market
  • you need updates or minor features
  • the scope is dynamic
your project doesn’t have the requirements, price or deadlines figured out yet The dedicated team and the time & material models share some similarities, like efficiency and flexibility, and some cons, too. For example, both models require the client to communicate with the outsourced team frequently.

Largest advantage: The time & material model is result-oriented.

Largest disadvantage: It’s hard to plan or control the budget.

The fixed price model means that you and the software development vendor you’re partnering with have agreed on the scope, the deadline, and, as the name suggests, the price of the project. This is the critical part: the model doesn’t allow the product requirements to change much.

The dedicated team and the fixed price models have a crucial trait in common: when you sign up for either of them, you know when to pay, whom, and how much. Since the team, the scope, and the deadlines are agreed upon in advance, there will be no budget-related surprises.

Go for the fixed price model if:
  • your project has extensive specs and a clear goal or results
  • all the procedures are known and negotiated beforehand
  • the deadline is set in stone
  • you don’t feel the need to control everything
  • you aren’t planning to change anything about the project in the process

Largest advantage: You can plan your budget ahead

Largest disadvantage: Less flexibility in terms of the project scope.

The outsourcing vendor is usually the one who handles all the legal aspects of hiring and maintaining IT programmers. However, you will have to consider the following:
  • Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA). The document has to state what information is considered confidential, that a person can use the disclosed information for the project purposes only, and what the penalty is.
  • Statement of Work (SOW).This document should specify the scope of work, the deliverables, the schedule, the acceptance criteria, the duration, the standards, and any other terms, conditions, or special requirements for the future project.
  • Master Services Agreement (MSA). This document defines your cooperation with the vendor. It is the place where you want to specify the terms of payment, dispute resolution, and intellectual property rights.

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